What matters most?

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Life is sometimes a little hectic, chaotic or crazy even… That’s most likely the understatement of the millennium, to say the least. We say to ourselves that our loved ones are “the most important” in our lives but do we truly follow through on what we tell ourselves? All too often, at least in our family, we get caught up in the daily “gotta do’s” that somehow become “really important” ahead of what we tell ourselves is actually the most important…our loved ones and the time spent with and for them.

How many times have we focused on the little errands or tasks and missed out on that two minutes of time actively attending to and engaging with our spouse, loved one or our children’s latest achievement or discovery? I know, don’t answer that…

Summer is coming and with that comes an opportunity to re-connect with our families; back yard barbeques, camping, swimming, vacations or trips, walks or bike rides together etc. A chance to recharge for many and a chance to reinforce and/or re-engage on what we say is dearest.

How are we going to do that you might ask? Well, for starters, by spending time together and talking with one another more frequently and consistently and actively listening; make and stick to time for family and one another. For our family, we hope and plan to focus a little more on one another and a little less on all the other “stuff”. For example, paying bills or work we bring home can actually wait until later in the evenings or on the weekends after the kids have gone to bed. Re-prioritizing the “us” time for my wife and I and for our family as a whole is another big one for us to make more important than the day-to-day “stuff”.

Some other ideas we’ve talked about include, activities both for my wife and I and for/with both of our kids in addition to the four of us all together. Engage the kids in the planning and decision making conversations, as well. Obviously, we can’t do or be everywhere but we can put first things first…

One additional activity we’ve talked about is trips to our local library over the summer. It’s time spent together. This is also encouraging for the kids in that my wife and I are demonstrating the importance of not only the time with our kids but also the importance of reading.

Please do share any thoughts of what has or hasn’t worked with your families and any summer time plans and activities you’ve thought of for your families; together we can help one another gain back a little more of what we all want and need more of; our families.

Life isn’t easy or simple, as we all know. But with some small steps maybe we can walk the talk a little more often. Everyone to include ourselves will be better for it.

Have a Pickalicious Summer!

D. Richmond

The Pickle Factory Team

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